What is Pediatric Dentistry

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Pediatric dentist in Midland-Odessa TX

Early dental care for children is essential since it lays a foundation for perfect oral health as they grow older. Good oral hygiene practices should start at infancy, even before the first tooth develops. Some people may not be aware that a baby’s oral hygiene should be maintained from the moment they are born. A […]

Teeth Grinding and Bruxism

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Get help with teeth grinding in Midland, TX by getting a dental mouthguard.

Teeth grinding is also known as bruxism. It is a common but unhealthy habit that occurs when you clench your jaw or grind your teeth subconsciously. Teeth grinding at night is the most common among people. It is also known as nocturnal or sleep bruxism. It may be impossible to know when you are grinding, […]

Busiest time of Year for Dentists

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Learn what season is busiest for dentists in Midland, TX

Everything gets busy at the end of the year – especially dentists. Generally, people tend to visit dentists during December to use their insurance benefits before the new year starts. Since many dental insurance programs operate annually and benefits not carried over to the next year, dental offices experience high volume as the year comes […]

5 Ways to Improve your Brushing Habits

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Brushing your teeth guide for Midland, TX residents

Dental health is essential for every individual. Experts advise that you have regular dental check-ups and receive regular professional cleanings. While this is important, the following are ways to take care of your dental health at home in Midland, TX. 1. Brush Properly Brushing your teeth may appear simplistic, although many people do it wrongly. […]

What is a Root Canal?

Our patients dental health can be impacted by numerous ailments. Fortunately, we employ several remedial efforts geared towards correcting or stopping potential oral damage caused by such maladies. One such procedure is known as root canal. We invite our current and future patients to read this blog discussing pertinent aspects surrounding this process. Root Canal […]