Meet the Team

One of the ways our office provides whats best for our patients is taking the time to carefully get to know you as a person, listening and addressing your particular concerns and needs. This relationship-based approach to all our patients is what defines one of the most exceptional aspects of our practice. All of our treatment meets exact standards for function, beauty and comfort. Our team is highly trained and committed to making a difference in dentistry and in our patient’s lives. We are passionate about providing long-term care, and we love working with each other.

“Today I stand in awe at the amazing staff we have. I believe I have the best dental team around! They are dedicated, motivated, educated, and caring. The best part is, we are committed to a common goal to provide only the best for our patients.”
— Allison Watts, D.D.S


I enjoy working with patients to create the best plan of action that ensures they keep their teeth and a healthy smile for a lifetime. Being a Dental Assistant for 18 years has helped me understand the ‘why’ behind the treatment plans we offer. For most patients, there are both clinical and emotional reasons why dentistry is recommended. Listening to their values and priorities, enables me to give support and direction when they need it. Now, being the Treatment Coordinator, I am able to use my experience and knowledge to guide patients to choose the path that is ideal for them. Providing our patients with treatment options that fit both their needs and desires, is one of the ways I loyally serve my patients. I am committed to finding creative ways to help my patients achieve a smile they can be proud of.


As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, teaching and encouraging others to live a healthy life is my passion! Trusting God and His will for my life has led me to this amazing place of peace and excitement. Passion for health and the relationship between food and health is what led me to complete my degree in nutrition at Texas Tech. Growing up, I was known to coach my friends and family to be more active and make healthier food choices. The idea that our choices have such a powerful effect on our health meant that health was truly attainable for everyone! As I continued to trust God on this journey of life, He led me to continue my education and become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. This education and training have been incredibly valuable to my own well-being and has only amplified my ability to support others to their best health yet! I believe that my job is to help YOU create new healthy food and lifestyle habits that are sustainable for you, and that help you achieve your health and wellness goals.


I spend my days at Coulon Watts sharing hope and possibility through simple conversations with patients about their smile, their health, and their goals. Dentistry is an opportunity to empower patients to live healthier lives. Supporting a patient’s desire to choose a healthy smile brings me great joy! Helping a patient to see possibilities beyond their current circumstances is my work and for me, my work is play. I am excited to come and play each day at Coulon Watts by assisting in the transformation of smiles and self-esteem in many patients. We truly attain excellence by continually pursuing new skills and training in preventative and complex dentistry. I also enjoy working with other dental offices, helping them create practices that they love and systems that enable those practices to serve their patients with excellence. When I am not playing in dentistry, I enjoy learning new things in the areas of spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Watching movies with my husband and family game nights with our four kids keep me busy. Seeking guidance, wisdom, and grace from God, I intend to always be a teacher to some and student to all.


Joining the Coulon Watts family in 2015 has truly changed my life. After having a lifelong fear of dentists, I fell in love with Dr. Coulon, Dr. Watts, and the whole Coulon Watts team. Learning how we can make a difference in the lives of our patients has been an exciting journey. My favorite part of being the Patient Care Coordinator is having the opportunity get to know my patients personally, walking beside them on their path to a healthier new smile, and seeing their perception of dentistry change along the way. Just like it happened for me. I love being a part of the process with our patients, who normally start out anxious and self-conscious; seeing them become more and more comfortable with each visit. It is amazing to see our patients transform from fear to relaxed and self-confident, taking pride in their beautiful, healthy new smile.

Outside of Coulon Watts I enjoy photography, watching football (Roll Tide!), and road trips with my family. Creative projects at home keep my husband, son, and I busy, and I relish sneaking away for girl time with my daughter.


Being able to change a person’s life through their smile is what I like most about dentistry. I became a Registered Dental Assistant in 2001 and it has been a very rewarding 18 years. Providing a safe and peaceful place for patients to receive their dental care is important to me, and I even like to throw in some joy and laughter to a boring appointment! I also enjoy creating beautiful provisional teeth for patients who are taking the brave step to restore their smile. It is and honor to make appliances for patients to help relax their jaw muscles and keep their joints healthy and stable. Helping our patients feel proud of their healthy smile and contributing to the harmony at Coulon Watts is my delight.

My family made Midland our home after moving from Illinois 7 years ago. When I am not at work I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and our 4 kids camping, horseback riding and enjoying the outdoors.


I am passionate about establishing goals for optimal patient health and building trusting relationships with those I serve. Opportunities that allow me to advance my education in order to offer excellent care to my patients is something I thrive on. I look forward to meeting you and joining you on a path of maintaining a healthy smile. I am proud to be a West Texas girl and after working in the banking industry for several years, my long time career choice to become a dental hygienist finally came to fruition in 2007 when I graduated with a Dental Hygiene degree from Howard College.  Joining this enthusiastic team of dental professionals at Coulon Watts has been a joy and I feel blessed to work in an office that is encouraged to learn and deliver the best care that suits patients’ needs.

Aside from being a hygienist, I am a busy mom to an amazing young girl who helps me see the sunshine in life! I enjoy spending time out in the country and cooking up a good ‘ol homemade dinner. I am supported by a large and close-knit family and looks forward to our frequent gatherings.