Dental Technology

Laser Technology For Your Teeth

Lasers are now used in most fields of medicine and have revolutionized treatments for both patients and doctors. At Coulon Watts, we employ the latest in laser technology to give you a supremely comfortable dental experience.

Specifically, we use laser technology from BIOLASE. These lasers work by delivering energy through light beams. They can very precisely and carefully shape and treat your soft tissue, including your gums.

We can also use these lasers in more routine procedures, such as filling a cavity. In this instance, the laser is used to help solidify the bond between your new filling and your tooth.

For a dramatic difference in your smile, lasers can also be used in teeth whitening. The laser will activate a whitening agent, allowing us to safely and effectively brighten your smile.

Benefits Of Laser Dentistry

Using lasers often means our procedures are less painful. We can avoid using sutures, and you usually experience accelerated healing times. There are many other benefits to laser dentistry. These benefits mean that patients who opt for laser dentistry:

  • May not require anesthesia.
  • Can protect surrounding tissue.
  • Experience minimized bleeding and swelling.
  • May have an opportunity for tissue regeneration.
  • Experience a less time-consuming procedure.

Intraoral Camera

In addition to laser technology, we also employ an intraoral scanner that allows us to take impressions of your teeth and mouth.

The intraoral scanner can eliminate the uncomfortable process of taking impressions. You do not have to bite down on clay, putty, or other materials. The most appealing benefit to the intraoral camera is that you will not have to experience the gag reflex that often comes with taking impressions.

How It Works

Our intraoral scanner can take thousands of pictures of your mouth in just a few minutes! The combination of all these pictures becomes a three-dimensional model of your mouth. With this highly accurate map of your mouth, we can create implements for you that are a perfect fit.

We will also be able to show you the pictures immediately, helping you visually understand the state of your oral health.

Some of the dental procedures for which we use an intraoral scanner include:

  • Invisalign.
  • Mouthguards for TMJ treatments.
  • Crowns.
  • Bridges.
  • Dental implant restorations.

Benefits of the Intraoral Camera

Taking a digital scan of your teeth is much quicker and easier than making traditional impressions. Digital impressions are also easy to share with healthcare professionals and insurance companies.

Additionally, digital impressions can be saved and do not warp like traditional impressions. If you lose a mouthguard or some other dental implement, we will already have the impression on file to create your replacement.

If you would like a dentist who makes your comfort, convenience, and health the highest priority, please call Coulon Watts. Our dental technology allows us to give you a high quality experience every time you visit!