5 Tips for Improving Your Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment has gained traction when it comes to rectifying dental deformities with over four million people using it at the moment and raking in sales amounting to over a billion dollars. It has taken over the metal braces option and the other conventional treatments. It involves the use of plastic material to correct unwanted gaps and over bites. The process is to ensure that your teeth are perfectly aligned so you can smile to the word once again.

The treatment is so popular and there are reasons why. It doesn’t hinder you from regular cleaning of your teeth, you can still have it on in public and the braces are not painful at all. Very convenient.

When you decide to go for Invisalign treatment, it’s an investment that will yield the results that you are looking for. But, there are things that you can do to make the best out of this orthodontic treatment.

As mention earlier, Invisalign treatment uses plastic, and its therefore vital that you are extremely hygienic. Cleaning your teeth regularly ensures that no food remains are enclosed in the plastic pockets and bacteria as well. This could cause more damage to your gums or lead to dental diseases. To make sure you yield better results from the treatment, here are some five tips to adhere to:

1. Wear your aligners regularly
Its recommended that you have your aligners on for at least 22 hours a day for better results. You may remove them when having your meals, when playing or when drinking. After that, its highly advisable that you clean your teeth and floss as well.

If you choose to play with your aligners on, especially a sport that involves contact, then investing in a mouth guard is recommended to protect your teeth and aligners.

2. Practice good oral hygiene
This is by brushing your teeth and flossing regularly especially after you’ve had a meal or drink. You do this before have your aligners back on. When at a restaurant or friend’s place, don’t shy away from this technique as it will speed up the treatment.

When you remove them for cleaning or eating, make sure that the aligners are store in their case. Laying them anywhere may aid in them acquiring germs which will end up in your mouth.

3. Avoid foods and drinks that stain
The thing is, there are no specific foods to eat while undergoing the invasalign treatment. You eat and drink as you have been before. But, avoiding or limiting the amount of staining beverages or food could go a long way in helping your treatment.

Drinks such as wine, coffee and may cause stains.

4. Brush your aligners
It’s not just your teeth that will need brushing, your aligners as well. This is definitely a tip that will aid in successful treatment. They are quite tough, but cleaning them should be done gently.
Also, consult your orthodontist on the best toothpaste to use.

5. Change aligners if and when advised
During this process, make sure you visit your orthodontist as advised. They may track the progress of the treatment and see if its working or not. If they see the need to change your aligners, then you should do so without delay. Failure to do so may be damaging to the whole process.

When opting for Invisalign treatment, you are looking for a change that will not just give you an amazing smile, but enhance your confidence as well. You investing your money and trusting the process. But for the treatment to be successful and speedy, the above five tips are crucial.