A chip in a front tooth, worn uneven edges, shallow pits or grooves in the tooth enamel are all minor issues, and easily resolved with esthetic tooth contouring. Using a polishing instrument, Drs. Coulon and Watts are able to remove small amounts of tooth enamel to improve the shape and esthetics of your teeth. This quick and painless procedure can make a big difference in your smile. Because it is relatively inexpensive and noninvasive, it is a good place to start changing your smile to the one that you have always wanted. Minor bite problems can also be resolved with contouring and reshaping.

An ideal candidate for esthetic tooth contouring would have minor imperfections in their teeth such as small chips, minor unevenness, slight overlaps, shallowly pitted surfaces, or worn biting areas in their teeth. Other indications for the procedure are one or more teeth out of proportion in size to the rest of the set, such as large, pointy canine teeth.

Reshaping can only occur on healthy teeth, so x-rays are often taken before the procedure is done to check for problems.

To find if you are a candidate for esthetic tooth contouring, please contact our office for more information.